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Clean with Steam and Do Your Part for the Environment

Posted by Carla van Straten on

Steam cleaners have become an exceedingly popular solution to sanitizing and deodorizing the home due to its environmentally friendly benefit.


When you are steaming your carpets, clothes or curtains; hot steam blasted at high pressure will penetrate and sanitize the individual fibers sufficiently. You therefore need not ad additional detergents that are harmful to the environment, harmful to your own health, and harmful to your clothes or upholstery items.


Studies have shown that detergents, specifically bleach and stain removers, biodegrade poorly, turns public water supplies into toxic breeding wells and may cause allergic reactions in people. Certain studies have even found that the toxic components in popular detergents have contributed to male infertility over the past 20 years.


Steam cleaners give you the opportunity to keep your home clean and deodorized without putting yourself, your family, or your environment at risk.


Do the right thing – clean with steam!

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