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3 Pack Promo - Hollywood Hair Ponytail Hair Piece, French Plat Hair Piece and Side Sweeping Fringe

Hollywood Hair

  • $109.99

Quick and easy ponytail that connects with a small comb and 2 side pieces.

How to use: Attach to your own hair with the slide-in comb and secure with side ties.

  1. Tie your hair into a ponytail – your desired height
  2. Extent the 2 side pieces outwards
  3. Insert the comb, above the ponytail elastic along your sculp and push under the elastic
  4. Secure around ponytail by pushing the comb down and pinching
  5. Wrap the 2 side pieces around your ponytail in the following sequence: left, right, left

Dimensions: 13” long

If you are looking for a more defined look than the normal ponytail, try our French plat hairpiece and make your hair style even better with the fish tail headband

How to use: Attach to your own hair with slide-in combs.

  1. Tie your hair into a bun– your desired height
  2. Insert the comb, above the bun and slide into bun closest to the scalp
  3. Insert the bottom comb below the bun and slide into bun closest to the scalp
  4. How to use the fish tail headband:
  5. Place on your head pushing your hair back from behind your ears.
  6. Pull over your head – leave like a necklace
  7. For a perfect fit you can use the adjustable band
  8. Pull the headband up at the front and fix any hairs sticking out

Dimensions: 14” long

Looking for a new hair style but don’t want to commit to cutting your hair and dealing with the long process of growing these out again? Transform your look within seconds with the Hollywood instant Fringes.

How to use: Clip into your own hair at the roots.

  1. Open pressure sensitive clips
  2. Part your hair down the center and leave some hair mid-way for blending
  3. Slide in the first clip when you have decided your desired fringe length next to parting & snap closed
  4. Hold fringe in position and close the 2 side clips – make sure your piece lies flat
  5. Now use the hair you left out at the back to blend in the piece and conceal signs of hair piece.
Made of Japanese Kanekalon fibers


Available Colors:

Light Golden Blonde
Platinum Blonde
Auburn Red
Dark Brown
Bold Black

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