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Comfort Click Adjustable Belt for Men


  • $39.99

Adjustable slide and click buckle guarantees the perfect fit.

Your waistline changes throughout the day—especially after a meal or by simply switching from the standing to sitting posture. A standard belt has only 5-hole positions, which makes adjusting very inflexible. You find yourself adjusting the belt throughout the day or even having to add more holes in order to get the perfect fit.
Instead of the traditional pegs and holes that conventional belts use, the Comfort Click Belt uses tracks and latching mechanisms to easily and comfortably adjust the buckle to fit your waist perfectly.

The Comfort Click  Mens Adjustable Belt for Men fits every time, all the time. The belt prides itself in providing timeless, comfortable, high quality ratchet belts that are perfect for any occasion at a very affordable price!

This holeless belt comes with brushed chrome buckle and it fits waist S - XXXL with micro-adjustable 38-position ratcheting track system for custom fit. Can adjust throughout the day. You've never worn a more comfortable belt.

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