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Easy Sit-Stand Cane

Global DigiTrade

  • $79.98

Sit down and get back up effortlessly with this Easy Sit-Stand Cane. Designed by a certified orthopedic surgeon, the features on the stand up cane include a pivoting second handle to enhance your balance and distribute your weight evenly when sitting down or getting up from a seated position.


- 10 inches width of handle space.
- Use both hands to put yourself up.
- Perfect for getting in and out of a car.
- Gives you independence and confidence.
- Swivel the pivoting handle back to its original position to use as a regular cane.
- Lightweight and durable design with foam-cushioned handles.
- Non-skid, rubber base with four-prong foot to allow cane to stand on its own and get a better grip.
- Adjusts from a length of 29 inched to 40 inches.
- Supports up to 350 lbs.
- LED light uses 2 button cell batteries (included)
- Material: Metal
- Color: Black
- Imported

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