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Electropulse- Electronic Pulse Massager

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The Electropulse cervical vertebra massage tool is based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine. This is a high-tech product that combines long-term clinical experience and advanced electronic science and technology. The ergonomic design has two oval stainless steel veneer fasteners that provide a larger contact area and a comprehensive massage effect. It fits the neck comfortably and has a magnetic effect and electronic pulse massager which imitates the technique of massage of Chinese medicine. It promotes local blood circulation and relaxes the local muscle. It has a great influence in the dredging channel, increasing immunity, and improving the quality of sleep. It can also be applied to other parts of the body, such as the shoulder, waist, calf legs, hands, back, etc. The LED display allows for easy operating. Compact and lightweight, convenient to carry. The perfect item for caring health.

1. 3D intelligent technology fitting.
2. Double-ring veneer fastener, large contact area.
3. magnetic effect.
4. Electrical impulse, massage.
5. LED display, easy to operate.

Product Type: Electropulse- Electronic Pulse Neck Massager
Color: as shown in the picture
Power: 2 x AAA Batteries (not supplied)
Cross-stitch Package Weight: approx. 363 grams
Dimensions: approx. 17x14x5 cm / 6.69x5.51x1.97 inches

Embroidery Cross Package include:
1 X Electropulse- Electronic Pulse Massager
1 x Electrode Cable
2 x Electrode Pad

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