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Lighterballs Organic Fire Starter Balls | Pack of 12

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Eco Friendly, Non-Toxic and Odorless Lighterballs

Looking for an eco-friendly alternative to fuel and traditional fire lighters? The Lighterballs are the perfect solution for you. It is also biodegradable.

The easy to use Lighterballs Fire Lighter only require one ball per fire, it burns for around 15 minutes and is perfect for any size fire. The flat bottomed round shape has a cotton wick and is extremely easy to use.


1. Hold Lighterball Fir Lighter at an angle.
2. Light the wick and place in designated fire location – the BBQ or fire pit
3. Allow to burn for 3 minutes and then stack the wood/charcoal ensuring good air circulation


- Non Toxic
- Odorless
- Bio-degradable
- No taste
- No Kerosene smell
- Eco friendly


Lighterballs contains no toxic substances and consists only of :

- Hydrocarbons
- Grounded maize cob
- Wood shavings
- 100% Cotton wick

*The product is synthetically manufactured at high temperatures and therefore free of biological organisms


- 5 years


- A pack consists of 12 balls per pack.

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