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Razorpit - Razor Blade Sharpener and Cleaner

Global DigiTrade

  • $34.99

Make your blade last longer with up to 150 shaves. Fancy a clean-cut shave everyday without having to replace your razor blade constantly? Razorpit offers an innovative solution that prolongs the life of your razor blades. Based on the same concept as the barber strop used in all reputable barber shops, Razorpit removes built-up organic materials from your blade which causes the blade to feel dull after only a few shaves. How to use: Razorpit will work on any blades, whether it is disposable, double edge or even cartridges. The Razorpit Razor Blade Sharpener works in 3 easy steps; Add a layer shaving lubricant to Razorpit after use Press your razor blade down on the surface of the Razorpit. Push down with light pressure, and push razor forward along the entire surface of the Razorpit, still with a light pressure into the surface. Repeat 3-4 times after each shave, rinse razor and Razorpit with warm water after use. *For best results use fairly new to new blades, razor blades not included.

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