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Remedy Health Back Support - Double Compression Waist Wrap (Unisex)

Remedy Health

  • $54.99

The Remedy Health Back Supporting Waist Wrap is an waist belt that flattens and shapes your waist area while also assisting in supporting your back, relieving back ache, and correcting your posture. The inner compression belt wraps around your waist cinching your midriff up to your hips. The outer waist slimming belt focuses exclusively on tucking in your waist for an overall great upper body shape. It is comfortable and allows you to move freely.


  • Back supporting brace for posture correction
  • Facilitates for post-injury recovery
  • Athletic and every day support wear
  • Relieves back aches and pains
  • Waist trainer for body toning and weight-loss
  • Body-shaping undergarment for tucking in your waist


  • Double belt design
  • Integrated boning support
  • Multiple compression panels
  • Available in all sizes
  • Available in orange

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