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Remedy Health Patellar Support Strap

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  • $24.99

A lightweight easy solution to relieve knee pain! The Remedy Health Patellar Support Strap is ideal for those suffering from painful patellar tendonitis, patella-femoral pain syndrome (PFPS) or to provide knee support while participating in sports or fitness activities such as hiking, fitness training, field sports etc. The self adjustable strap relieves knee pain by providing compression and support to the infra-patellar (below the patella) tendon below the knee cap. By reducing the girth (width) of the Patella tendon, the pressure applied by the knee strap prevents maximum force being transmitted through the tendon. This reduces the strain on the Patella tendon and helps to alleviate symptoms of Patella Tendonitis (Jumpers Knee) and Osgood Schlatter's Disease. Features: Knee strap for patellar tendonitis Latex-free neoprene and nylon Tubular non-slip buttress applies constant compression Fits right or left knee One size fits all

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