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Tren-D Spiral Hair Curler Kit

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  • $27.99

Get perfect curls without the heat damage. It works like a charm!
The Tren-D Spiral Hair Curler Kit system uses flexible spiral curlers, in a variety of sizes. Simply use the styling wand to pull sections of your hair through the mesh curlers. Leave in your hair and apply heat with your hairdryer to the curlers. The strong mesh will protect your hair from direct contact with heat.
It works like a charm!
Works on all hair types
Your hair does not get damaged from heat irons.
Quick and easy to use - Perfect curls in 15 minutes.
Kit includes:
Spiral curlers in various lengths and thicknesses
Style wand
Style guide
How to use
Slip the mesh spiral hair curlers over the wand. Grab a section of your hair, the amount will vary depending on hair thickness. Holding your hair and wand with one hand, use the other to push the curler onto the hair. Pull the wand from the other end.
2. Release! The mesh will automatically curl up and the hair inside will take the shape of the curl. Repeat until you have curled the desired amount of hair.
3. Now you can blow it with a hair dryer. Curlers will protect your hair so there’s no damage.
4. To remove, just grasp your hair with one hand and slip it off. (holding the rubber tip).

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