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ZTGS Microdermabrasion Face Roller - Dermaroller

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  • $23.99

The ZTGS Microdermabrasion Face Roller – Dermaroller is a slim, elegant looking roller which is well crafted and easy to use but is also a tough, long lasting device.
The main feature of this dermaroller is the fact that it can be used on large areas of the body which is due to the titanium alloy needles fixed in the barrel.
The barrel holds 192 micro needles which are made from titanium alloy which gives them both strength and durability. This means that they are better at treating large areas of the body, e.g. thighs rather than those which require precision needles.
Precision needles are more effective on those hard to access areas such as the near the nose, eyes and lips and certain parts of the body. The ZTGS Microdermabrasion Face Roller – Dermaroller is recommended for skin problems such as stretch marks and scars. It is suitable for use on all types of skin and is considered a very effective roller.
The ZGTS titanium roller is pre-sterilized which means it is ready to use straight out of the box.

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